12 Multi-coloured Small Metal Butterflies Garden/Home Wall Art Decoration


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The pack of 12 contains:

3 x Red Butterfly. 3 x Blue Butterfly. 3 x Green Butterfly and 3 x Yellow Butterfly

These high-quality Metal Small Butterflies from the Primus Collection are a decorative garden ornament that really adds character and will bring a touch of colour to your surroundings.

Made from metal in striking colours these butterflies will be equally beautiful at home. in the garden or make a stunning decoration for an interior living space.

Beautiful to behold and endlessly fascinating as they flutter about the garden or settle on a flower. you can now enjoy a butterfly of your own all year round thanks to this amazing offer from Primus’s nature-inspired collection.

Wherever you decide to display this piece. you won’t fail to be impressed by the craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes this butterfly so delightful.

Order your small metal butterfly today and add a touch of summer to your home or garden all year long!


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