4M Kidz Labs Science Model Kitchen Math Magic Robotic Hand Anti Gravity Solar




4M Kidz Labs Science Model Kitchen Math Magic Robotic Hand Anti Gravity Solar

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Please Note: All Science Kits are suitable for Ages Over 8

  • Choice of 4M Kidz Labs Kits from:

    • Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Kit
    • Solar System Planetarium Model
    • Magnetic Science
    • Maths Magic
    • Robotic Hand
    • Kitchen Science
    • Spy Science
  • Kit boxes comes in clear shrink wrap.

  • Kit box sizes approx: 22 (L) x 17 (W)x 6 (Thick) cm / 220 x 170 x 60mm

  • Great for kids, gift, education, experiment etc

  • Please select your choice of kit from above drop down list when ordering. 

  • Specification and details of kits are below

Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Kit – Specification

  • This science kit teaches kids about magnetic force through several fun, hands-on experiments 

  • Build a floating and rotating pencil and levitation screw that floats and rotates mid air 

  • The kit contains all materials necessary for performing the experiments found in the box 

  • Detailed instructions for use and care are included.

  • Construct a magnetic model which explains the working principle of the fastest land vehicle on earth

  • Encourage your children to get excited about science 

  • Box Contains: 1 x Support Arm, 1 x Base plate, 1 x Weighing Pan, 1 x Thin Rod With Ring, 1 x Round Shaped Rod, 1 x Hexagonal Rod, 10 x Nuts, 1 x Pointer, 1 x Enclosure, 1 x Axle, 1 x Copper Washer, 1 x String Attachments, 1 x Sticker, 1 x Graphic Template, 1 x String, 1 x UFO Body

Solar System Planetarium Model – Specification
  • This science kit teaches kids about Solar System Planetarium 

  • Build your own glow in the dark solar system planetarium model of 30cm span 

  • Assemble, paint and highlight it with glow effects. 

  • Watch it glow in the dark as if space.

  • It’s an inspiring science craft kit

  • This Kit Contains x3-dimensional Solar System planetarium model, 1 brush, 1 strip of paint pots and glow paint, 1 set stand and rotating arms, 9 steel bars, sand paper, 1 Saturn ring template and detailed instructions with bonus wall chart of Solar System

Magnetic Science – Specification

  • This science kit teaches kids about Magnetic Science with Fun 

  • Perform fun magnet games and experiments 

  • 10 Fun Experiments & Games 


  • Construct a SUPER MAGNET RACER, a YACHT COMPASS or a MYSTERIOUS DANGLER. Have a great fun playing a FISHING GAME or creating a MAGNETIC SCULPTURE, and so much more

  • This Kit Contains: 2 super power bar magnets, 2 ring magnets, 1 set magnet handle (can be assembled into magnet wand or U shaped magnet), 1 car/boat chassis, 4 wheels, 1 long axle, 1 short axle, 1 rod for fishing want/yacht mast, 1 fishing wand joint, 2 ring magnet joints, magnetic fish, metal screw nuts, 1 roll of thread, detailed assembly and game instructions with fun facts and principles of magnetism.

Maths Magic – Specification

  • This science kit teaches kids about Maths Magic Number Tricks 

  • Have fun astonishing your friends with magic number tricks. 

  • Contains over 15 fun math tricks, games & puzzles 

  • Learn how to Read MINDS

  • Astonish your friends with Speed Calculations. Amaze your audience with different funny Maths Tricks. Play the specially design Math Memo card game with your family.

  • This Kit Contains: 1 calculator, 2 dice, 1 set magic mind reading cards, magic square card printed with numbers, 1 super magic square, 1 set beauty of math number cards, 40 math memo cards, wired puzzle templates, magic flip puzzle templates, escape paper printed with lines and detailed instructions for playing over 15 math tricks, puzzles and games, includes fun explanations and facts.

Robotic Hand – Specification

  • Assemble your very own robotic hand and amaze your friends with its realistic gripping movements. 

  • Robotic hand will grab your imagination! 

  • Simple but fun automation 

  • Making learning about science fun

  • Astonish your friends with Robotic Hand

  • This Kit Contains: 1 Hand frame, 5 Finger tube, 5 finger end caps, 3 pull ring, string and detailed instructions with fun facts. (The size of Robotic Hand is around 23cm (230mm) in length when assembled)

Kitchen Science – Specification

  • Perform amazing experiments with everyday materials. A fun kit filled with inspiration 

  • Contains 6 specially designed kitchen science experiments. 

  • GENERATE ELECTRICITY by using a fork and lemon and LIGHT UP A BULB. Launch a ROCKET FUELLED by baking soda and vinegar. BUILD a table top VOLCANO which erupts with bubbly "lava" and more 

  • Kitchen Spy – Invisible Ink, Kitchen Detective – Finger Prints, Rock Candy Factory, Vinegar Rocket, Table Top Volcano, Fruit Battery and more

  • Astonish your friends with amazing experiments

  • This Kit Contains: 1 vinegar rocket, 1 launcher pad, 1 small spoon, 1 volcano, 2 skewers, 1 kitchen spy finger print development pad, 8 secrete message sheets, 2 zinc plats, 1 wire, 1 watch movement and detailed instructions with science explanations and fun facts.

Spy Science – Specification

  • Have fun communicating secret messages with your friends like spy do!

  • Send top secrets in Morse Code, Invisible writers, X-ray secrete notes sheet and more

  • Learn common secret codes used in the spy world – practice at being a Spy

  • This Kit Contains: Paper for making inner pages of the journal, Cards for making the journal covers and other accessories, 2 Red filter lens, 1 Plastic Binder, 1 Plastic Bag, 1 Morse Code torch (including 1 x 3v CR1200 button cell battery), 1 Invisible message writer (White), 1 Invisible message developer (Black), 2 Message capsule, 4 Message capsule cover, double sided adhesive tape, detailed instructions with fun facts.

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Magnetic Science, Maths Magic, Robotic Hand, Kitchen Science, Solar System Planetarium Model, Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Kit, Spy Science


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