Plumber Fixed Basin Wrench / 11"-16" Adjustable Tap Nut Spanner Sink Bat




Plumber 1/2" to 3/4" Fixed Basin Wrench / 11"-16" Adjustable Tap Nut Spanner Sink Bat – Choice of Selection

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Fixed Basin Wrench – Specification

  • Malleable steel construction
  • For horizontal or vertical access in confined areas
  • Suitable for 1/2" and 3/4" taps. Wrench Length approx 250mm (10")
  • A double-ended cast iron wrench for assembling and disassembling sized pipe tap back nuts. Traditional pattern
  • Fixed Basin Wrench Double Ended
  • Accurate Machined Jaws. Jaw Size approx 26mm and 33mm

Please Note: Fixed Basin Wrench – The product is correct – the 27/32mm refers to the A/F [across flats] dimension of the ends of the basin wrench that is suitable for nuts on the 15 & 22mm copper pipe fittings that connect to either sink taps [referred to as ½” taps] or bath taps [referred to as ¾” taps] as they use BSP [British Standard Pipe] threads.
The pipework/ fittings went metric many years ago, but taps in the UK are still referred to my imperial [inch] measurements. 
Most plumbers refer to this tool as a ½” / ¾” basin wrench knowing that it will fits the metric fittings OK.

Adjustable Basin Wrench – Specification

  • Solid steel handle with sliding tommy bar
  • Swivel action head with serrated jaws for a better grip
  • For tightening/losening fittings in awkward locations e.g underneath basins, sinks baths
  • Self adjustable jaws fit most nut/pipe fittings & irregular shapes
  • Head swivels 180 Degrees for maximum access
  • Chrome plated steel handle and forged alloy steel jaws
  • Can be used on copper or polythene pipe fittings

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Additional information

Spanner Type

16" Adjustable Basin Wrench, 11" Adjustable Basin Wrench, Fixed Basin Wrench (1/2" – 3/4")


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